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an unlikely hero - enters the rigid world of kungfu and turns it upside down. Po ultimately becomes a hero by learning that if he believes in himself, he c▓an do anything.Although the storyline screams traditio▓nal Hollywood - where the most unlikely character becomes the ultimate hero in o

y non-Asian creative team. W


rder to save the world - the directors did incorporate Chinese philosophy in the film: t▓he belief in oneself."'Be your own hero', which mea▓ns don't look outside of yourself for the answer. Don't expect someone else

to ma

ke things right. You are empowered to achieve anything you want, if you set your mind to it. Be the best that you can be," says Stevenson.Pr▓ior to its release, the movie had been in the works ▓for over 10 years."I love martial arts movies,

as the ?/h3>

nto a kungf

particularly Wuxia martial arts films more than the contempora▓ry Bruce Lee type o

f films because of the magical, ▓mystical lands - and some of the

heroism where people do great heroic deeds," says Stevenson. "So,

we thought of the panda, the most symbolic character of Chin▓a to be the main hero, when we were faced

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